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9ss-front-cover-DAWhen the Man Comes Around

1. The divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence or the world as it truly is.
2. The reason Mal is about to have a *very* bad day.

Mal really enjoys the life he’s made for himself in Houston. He runs a flower shop, plays guitar in a local band, and has a great appreciation for the city’s night life; night life that includes creatures of the supernatural realm. It’s hardly surprising. He’s a Demon, after all. Try not to hold that against him.

It’s a real pity for Mal though, as an old friend, a dogged police investigation, and even Death himself pop in to completely upend his happy lifestyle. The week that follows will prove to be a clash of Heaven, Hell, and Heavy Metal as the city of Houston begins groaning under the weight of something terrible approaching, and Mal is given only two options:

Fix the problem, or have his last trip to Earth cut fatally short.

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1RhymeSiteLowThe Rhyme of the Golden Aegis

On the world of Calopa, magic and technology share an uneasy balance. When a mysterious child is discovered by a simple airship crew, that balance, and their lives, are put in peril. Past horrors and new conspiracies threaten, and through it all one prize is sought above all others: the answer to the riddle known as “The Rhyme of the Golden Aegis”.

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1ElsewhereSiteLowElsewhere on Calopa

Containing a wealth of short stories and writer insights, Elsewhere on Calopa puts together the novellas Tales of Calopa: The Fahlworth Papers, Tales of Calopa: Tuning the Orchestra, as well as The Lost Tragedy of Jacob Hadrick and Chronometry.

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tattsmallTales of Calopa: A Tattooed Heart

Set eighteen years before the events of The Rhyme of the Golden Aegis, A Tattooed Heart follows Maxill Chandle. After a stop for a friendly game of cards goes horribly wrong, Max finds himself forced into a job for some dangerous men, with dire consequences if he refuses or fails. He’ll need more than just his usual luck if he’s to survive the next 24 hours, let alone get paid.

Available now: Coldbrew Publishing

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