What is “The Speculative Singularity Serial”?


The Speculative Singularity Serial, hereafter referred to as “The Triple-S” for the painfully hip or hurried, is equal parts experiment, personal writing challenge, and education by way of absurd entertainment. Every other Friday, there’ll be a fresh episode for you to consume. But why?

Why, I assume you ask? Well. One of my all-time favorite books is “The Mysteries of Harris Burdick” by Chris Van Allsburg. In short, it’s a collection of fantastical black and white illustrations, each with an accompanying quote, that’s meant to inspire entire stories. Hell, I’d still love to do my own book of that nature someday, but for now there’s this. And what this is is the idea that every now and again you’ll see an image or animated .gif online and think “Okay. What’s the story behind this thing?” Or maybe you just laugh, cringe, or curl up in the fetal position before you continue on with your browsing. Sometimes they might haunt you in the solitary nights, plaguing you with existential angst as the remaining years of your existence dwindle away into the uncontrollable past.

I don’t judge. But I do take advantage- each one of these might have a story behind it. In point of fact, I’m saying they do. That’s called empowerment. Or insanity. Either or.

In the spirit of showing that everything can inspire a story, I decided to throw together short bits of fiction biweekly based solely upon random interesting or humorous .gifs I collect along the way, or, more favorably, that are sent to me by you lovelies. Sometimes they will be one-offs. Others, they’ll be ongoing vignettes. More likely the latter, but one can never say for certain. It breaks up my usual meandering schedule, challenges me to think on the fly, and hopefully gives you lovely readers something fun to slide your eyes over on a Friday.

No, I’m not open to debate about the pronunciation of “.gif”. Hard G for life.

I call it a win on both sides of this contest. Don’t you? Don’t answer that. Shhh. It’s okay. I promise it will make sense in the end. You’re mostly safe, now.

Got .gifs for yours truly to keep The SSS going? Head over to my contact page, and send on the links! No cartoon .gifs, please. The stories are weird enough without delving into animated whimsy, yes? Yes.