PIPS RPG videogame!

Working Project logo. PIPS Logo, world, concept ©2017 Xero Reynolds

I’m thrilled to announce this new project of mine, which has long been a dream that I’ve been chasing. But what the hell is it? Read below and learn more about my little videogame-that-could:

What is it?

PIPS is a turn-based RPG in the classic 16-bit era vein, very much inspired by the games of my youth such as Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and more. The game will be developed using GameMaker Studio 1.4 at first for testing purposes, before switching over to version 2 once the new license is acquired.

What is it about?

PIPS tells the story of an adolescent girl named Aurora, who is an avid player of tabletop RPGS (think Dungeons & Dragons). As the story begins, a series of events finds her in possession of the Dice of Fate: a powerful artifact that can affect the world around the user with every roll. The artifact belongs to the God of Chance, who seems to be very interested in seeing what this human girl will make of this new power.

Who’s working on it?

Yours truly. While I realize how much of a mountain that makes of the workload, it utilizes all of my creative disciplines—writing, art, music, game design. I’m also funding the project largely on my own, while the Patreon support for now is going solely towards being able to pay bills and buy food while I work. That may change in the future, but I’m reticent to bring anyone else on board until they can be fairly compensated.

Will the “Dice” be a part of the battle system?

Yes, though that is still being tinkered with for the engine. My chief concern is creating a risk vs. reward element for the player that also allows them to rely on other skills to win a battle. I will be designing that system early on in development.

How long will this take?

No idea to be honest. I’ve set certain deadlines for myself, the first and foremost being completing the story for the game. For now, let’s just say I’m on a two year window. That will likely change, as I won’t release this thing until it’s ready for prime time.

Will there be a Kickstarter?

Right now, no. The main reason for this is I wish to devote my time to making the game, rather than stepping aside to create the rewards necessary to fill out the Kickstarter tiers. Now, as development progresses, that might change right alongside the need to bring on paid team members. If ever that does, I’ll let you know in advance.

Will you be putting this game on Steam?

That’s the plan, yes. Once it’s finished, I’ll be submitting it to the Steam Greenlight program, and then hopefully you’ll see it pop up in their store.

Will this be on Xbox One or PS4?

I’ve no current plans to release it on console. Again, that might change as we get closer to release. I will however at least be including functionality for those who prefer to use their console controllers on their PC games.

Can I preorder?

Maybe! I’ll keep you posted.

What goodies will the Patreon supporters be getting?

Mostly, they will be getting first looks at art, music, and builds for the game, as well as other Patreon-only tidbits of info. Twitch streams for the visual side of things will remain public. Of course, supporters will also be getting a free copy of the finished game depending on their donation levels or totals. Hey, they kept food in my fridge, it’s the least I can do.

Will this effect the schedule for your upcoming novels?

Yes, but only slightly. Novels are still largely on schedule. My time will largely be split between the two projects, with slight emphasis given to the game depending on where I am in the development. Long story short, (ah ha ha ha) if there are any book delays, they will be small.

How can I support this?

Well the primary way is just through supporting my Patreon. But I dig that not everyone has the extra coin to part with, so in that case the best support is simply sharing tidbits as they come out. Vox populi is damned effective for an indie game.