Here’s some of the questions that get fired my way fairly regularly. If you don’t see yours here, feel free to contact me, or hit up my Ask.fm page, and I’ll answer it ASAP. Thanks!

Q: How do I become a voice-actor?

A: Become an actor. Live where the work is. Audition. Good luck!

Q: Whatever happened to Swordwaltzer / Nine Shot Sonata?

A: The webcomics may be gone, but the worlds are not. I’m currently turning them into novel series.

Q: Whatever happened to The Archetype Trilogy/ Tales of Calopa?

A: They’re not gone, promise! I’ll be cranking those out as I tick off projects for submission to traditional print houses. I’m nowhere near done with my Steampunk Fantasy universe, trust me.

Q: Are you still doing art / Hey would you draw for me?

A: Yes, and probably not. I’m no longer perusing art as a career, so when it comes to commissions chances are pretty good that I won’t take yours on unless it’s something really special, or you represent a company looking to bring me on to a larger paying project No offense. Also: I refuse any and all spec work. We’ve all got bills to pay, buddy.

Q: Hey, can you get me in to the studio to try out for voice-over?

A: No. ¯\_()_/¯

Q: Would you link my site?

A: Sure, if I dig it, and it’ll be linked over social media. Aside from boosting the projects of my friends, however, I usually stick to sharing rad things I come across on my own. As for the blog, it’s limited to articles, stories, or general news about my work. Sorry.

Q: Would you read my stuff?

A: I read for pleasure. I’m not, by any stretch, a professional reviewer, agent, or editor. If you’re asking me to read for feedback, then you’re barking up the wrong carbon-based life-form. Beyond that, I’m willing to give things a try, when I have the time. If it’s something for sale, it’s a matter of having the coin, which I don’t always have. No hard feelings.

Q: Will you be at (Convention Name Here)?

A: You can check out the cons I’m slated to appear at right here. Otherwise, unless I’m a guest, probably not. My wife and I just aren’t in the position to hit every con we’d even like to, let alone ones we’ve only now heard of. If you want me at a convention, the best way to go about it is to request that I be a guest to that con’s Guest Relations. Don’t be a dick about it, though. ❤

Q: Would you use this great idea I have for a story?

A: No. Absolutely not. Legal issues aside, one of the things I want this blog to do is to encourage YOU to create things. You say you have a great story idea? WRITE IT! The world needs more cool things!