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Xero Should Be Writing Episode 2!

The experiment continues, and last night I let the audience have more free rein over the tale’s creation, including the genre. As always, they were hilarious, and it was my honor to funnel their ideas into the narrative. Here’s what they came up with for the structure: Genre: Post Apocalyptic Fantasy/Sci-Fi w/ a touch of… Continue reading Xero Should Be Writing Episode 2!

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Black Chords – Issue 1

Black Chords is a bi-weekly Noir/Horror serial, set in an alternate 1940’s Los Angeles.  Case file 1: Stranger Times Los Angeles is many unkind things, but that’s only if you’ve got functioning eyes in your skull. If you’re a doe-eyed townie off the bus, or just plain stupid, you don’t have them. Believe me. All… Continue reading Black Chords – Issue 1