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Being a “Real Writer”

Sorry to delay the next world-building article, but I sorely needed to get this off of my chest. So bear with me. It’s 2017. I know because I’ve multiple calendars scattered across my workspace. There’s the one on my phone, the one on my desktop, and there’s the one that’s included in this blogging site.… Continue reading Being a “Real Writer”

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You Can Do This Too

MOOD: *ominous pipe organ flourish* Currently working on: The Lexicon Calopa (Timeline, Glossary, New Maps) Music: Dethalbum 1, Dethklok It’s trite. It’s cliché. It’s the fodder for lazy villain writing, and the foundation for an antagonist validating their bad behavior to the protagonist. But now, I get to co-opt the statement for my own positive… Continue reading You Can Do This Too

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Batman: The Killing Joke review

Through serendipity—serendipity here having the meaning of a friend winning tickets, and then unfortunately not being able to go—my wife and I found ourselves in a resplendent theater last night for one of the special screenings of the latest DC animation feature, Batman: The Killing Joke. We played Pokémon Go while we waited, as some… Continue reading Batman: The Killing Joke review