About Xero Reynolds

A Once and Future “Exhibit A”

Xero Reynolds wears many hats. Writer, Voice actor, Illustrator, Musician. He also wears many regular hats, but that might be simply an overindulgence of haberdashery. Xero was born in the 80’s, and has survived every major fashion faux-pas that was born from those day-glow times unto the present day.

He hopes to be a fully functioning adult when he grows up. However, given his current age, that hope appears to be a gamble of long odds. Until said time, he fully intends to obsess over every facet of geekdom that the world might provide, or that his wallet can endure.

When not cranking out books, Xero writes articles to help other creatives out, develops games, and immerses himself in biking, fencing, and games of both the tabletop and console variety. Because, frankly, sleep is somewhat overrated.

Xero currently operates his scheme to entertain the world from Texas, as aided and abetted by his saint of a wife Katy, and their mutual feline overlord, Cider. As he types this, the knowing eyes of her furry Highness are upon him, demanding that her serf pay her a tithe of petting and treats.

Xero dares not refuse her.