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Oops. Been far too long!

Oh man. Life has really run roughshod over the best laid plans of keeping up with this blog, hasn’t it. Well, fear not. It’s not dead! In point of fact, it’s going to be more lively in the months to follow. Well, livelier than it has been since … *checks* June 4th? Wow. I have been busy.

Mea culpa.

So! What’s been going on? In a word, lots. That’s how busy, folks. I don’t even have time to say “a lot”. Just lots. On top of us moving across town to a new place, there’s been a lot of labor going on around here. Let’s dive in, and I’ll clue you in on what to expect here on the blog next.

Haunted Mountain

I’ve been hard at work slinging trays for Haunted Mountain, and August is already proving to be a doozy. On top of commissions being open again, I’ve a minor horde of promotional and gift trays to complete in order to bolster the company. You can see some of the latest ones, including the deliciously geeky “Twin Suns Tray”, right over here.

I’ve also had to pull the trigerr on a GoFundMe to replace my broken digital art tools (Cintiq and desktop) in order to start up a new section of the company wherein we will offer custom maps, dungeons, and even character and creature art for tabletop gaming. If you would like to contribute, I’m offering Patreon content, and even commission slots. That’s right over here.

I’m also hoping to offer custom DM screens, and one other bit of excitement, which leads us nicely into the next bit of news…

Writing News

One of the other things I am starting to offer not only through the Haunted Mountain Patreon, but eventually via the company is actual tabletop gaming content. Specifically, I’m working up 5E content and full adventures for folks to play with in the comfort of their own gaming nights. The first of the Patreon offerings is dropping today, and it comes from a full one-shot campaign that I will be publishing this Autumn! I’ll keep you posted.

One novel news, yes, I’m still working on the sequel to When the Man Comes Around where and when I can. I’ve even begun putting aside an entire day of the work week dedicated to it, so I can get more than the piecemeal work done that I’ve been managing over the past crazy month and change. Fear not.

What’s Next?

You can expect to see some more posting here, even if it’s only short little blurbs. I’m still wanting to sling more helpful articles and opinion pieces on all things geek that strike me, so those might end up being weekend writing sessions that get published the following week. We’ll see how things play out.

But as always, you can keep up with more current announcements from me on Twitter. Half of my brain kinda lives there now, anyway. It’s the nature of the beast that is self-promotion. Save yourselves.

With that, it’s time for me to down more coffee, and get back to making this little geeky company that could get up the hill. I’ll see ya soon.

Until next time, Horns Up.


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