All the News that’s fit to blog.

Got some news bits for you, and a new geeky article—this one on my process for storytelling for tabletop gaming—will be up tomorrow. Let’s get to it.


Katy and I had a wonderful time of inaugural events this weekend past. Not only was it the first even for this new convention in Colorado, it was also the first convention outing for Coldbrew Publishing! I think we did pretty well. I mean, we’re still alive.

GainXPPictured: Beauty, and whatever the Hell that thing on the left of the frame is.

We are, right? You’re not reading this from the great beyond, are you? I don’t think I could afford that kind of bandwidth bill.

The convention itself was very laid back with the kind of chill atmosphere that I certainly appreciate, and while I didn’t get to participate much in the various offerings since I was helping run our table, I loved that there was an entire space dedicated to tabletop gaming demos and other pursuits of geekery.

Overall, the staff were on point, the hotel gorgeous, and the people I got to meet and talk to were genuinely cool bipeds. If you happened to pick up a book from me, or stopped by to talk shop, I want to thank you for suffering my compiled oddities. You’re a trooper. Here’s hoping I can see some of you next year at this event!

It’s also nice to have a solid convention that’s only an hour and change drive away from our lair. Just sayin’.


I’m currently hard at work on this follow-up to When The Man Comes Around, and I’m hoping to have a release window for you all soon. I’ve been posting tidbits and excerpts at the Facebook page, and of course Patreon supporters will be getting full chapters sent to them as they are completed.

I’m really putting Mal through the wringer in this volume, but it’s for a good cause. And comedy. And because he is such a great test subject for the petri dish that is the whimsical universe. More on that soon, but in the meantime I’ll hit you with one of those aforementioned excerpts:

Serial killers, now. And things had been going so well.

Well, mostly.

As much as I was practically breaking into song about how good things had been going before Harris had dropped his bombshell on my flower shop, it wasn’t all wine and roses inside The Loop: what the locals in Houston refer to the area inside the 610 Freeway. Trust me, it’s a pretty clear line of demarcation, even for a city that’s roughly the size of the entire Hawaiian island of Oahu.

That’s of note because Montrose lies inside that concrete boundary, and though it had remained largely quiet since the Summer past, my home and livelihood wasn’t in the clear from the fallout thrown about from the fracas I had been involved in. What’s worse? For once I was largely blameless.

Beyond the fire-and-brimstone set, and the screaming blood-and-soil nationalist oxygen thieves that had crawled out to snatch some headlines, the church fires and my subsequent destructive clash with those rogue Angels had made some serious ripples in the upper echelons of Houston government.

There had been a shake-up through the business and community leader circles, which in turn had prompted a changing of the guard. Those that had stepped up—or had maneuvered themselves politically to be in place to fill the void left by those that had been ousted—were already hard at work promoting variations on the same message: they and they alone would fix Houston.

From my point of view, it was beginning to look a lot less like a repair job, and more like the Veterinarian definition of the word. The good ol’ Gentrification Engine, patent pending, was in full swing. The beautifying creep it produced was oozing a bit too close to my patch of city—and therefore my wallet—than I was able to comfortably ignore.

My weird little slice of the Bayou City felt like it was being besieged by an army of artisanal bakers and barista shocktroppers. The Horror.

The Horror.

-The Sins of Allegiance, book 2 of the Nine Shot Sonata series. Coming soon.



Wait, what? Haunted Mountain? The Hell? If you’re confused, you’ve not been seeing my posts on Twitter. So, you can call this an official announcement, albeit late. From a certain point of view.*

*The management takes no responsibility for the reader having been just completely Obi-wan’ed.

So what is it? It’s exciting, is what it is. At least to Katy and I. Haunted Mountain is a new company we’ve created aimed solely at creating custom tabletop gaming accessories. To begin, we’re producing dice rolling trays, and dice bags that are created using medieval knitting techniques and custom patterns.

I’ve also been sketching/designing other products we’ll be able to offer down the line, and it’s been a truly engaging process! I’ll be able to bring a lot of my old prop-making skill to this enterprise to give gamers some pretty unique pieces. I’ll have more details on that soon, including the first dice tray off the assembly line. That one’s for me. I call dibs. Sorry.

That’s all from me for now. I’ve got to get back to it. Remember to check back here tomorrow for the new article!

Until next time, Horns Up.



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