Goodbye Bayou City, Hello Rockies

This will be the last blog post made from Casa de Geek, which is the name for our abode in Houston Texas. Yes, we name our living spaces. Our last was a branch of Fort Awesome. We’ve also considered calling this place Barad-dûr just due to the heat.

What? My wife and I are geeks. *points to the banner on this blog*.

Hi. I’m Xero. Have we met?

We’ve not picked out a name for where we’ll be living in Colorado yet. We’re thinking something to do with the word “castle”, as it’s a two-story joint. That comes later. Right now we’re preoccupied with packing, and readying ourselves for the kind of solo move we’ve never really made before.

Big moving truck, our tiny car on its own trailer, and a couple with only a fleeting familiarity with driving with said components. Welp… this will be an adventure.

But that is a matter for the future. Right now I want to have a dalliance with the past, if that’s cool. I’m going to assume you’re nodding politely. You’re awesome like that. So, thanks for letting me clear the cobwebs out of my brain-case.

I want to talk Houston, or what I am calling “the best mistake we ever made”. I say that because some of you may remember how excited we were two years ago to be moving back to Texas, and how giddy we were to get back to certain things we knew and loved. Even as much as we adored Colorado at the time, there was something to be said for what we had left back down south.

So, wait, why are we heading back, then? Short story time.

We didn’t get to move back to what we had missed, first off. Sure, we had access to family and old friends again. And don’t get me started on the food. Houston’s a damned Valhalla of eatery delights, I promise. But everything else for us, simply put, wasn’t “home”. We grew miserable very, very quickly.

Houston is a BIG city. That’s not hyperbole. It’s fact. And people move. Friends and family were far-flung by the time we arrived back in H-town. Visiting most of them required planning well in advance because it would take up most of the day getting there and back. Folks we’d hang out with on an almost daily basis became once-a-month stops, if that.

We’ve been sedentary for two years. Getting outside here is a losing proposition, at least in this area. We had to give up biking, hiking, and even just walking around in the evening. Combine that with too much drinking on our parts due to the inability to adapt, and… let’s just say I’m none too pleased with my current pant size and lack of the ol’ stamina, yeah?

I was unable to get into the fencing groups down here, due to distance and heat. Again, Houston’s HUGE. what constitutes a short trip here is still a slog through 45 minutes of insane drivers both to and from the destination in question. So one of my primary athletic joys went by the wayside.

And I might be belaboring the point, but it really is that game-changing to us: Houston is HOT. We knew that going in. We’ve lived it before, after all. But it’s one thing to know, and another to experience after spending five years in a totally different place that has actual separate seasons.

It was a total blindside to go from enjoying Spring and Summer outdoors to having to shelter in place from the wrath of the Daystar and his drinking buddy, Oppressive Humidity.

Houston wasn’t shaping up to be what we needed. Okay, that’s too kind. It fucking blew on a level we did not expect given our previous experiences. Still, we’re left with that strange phrase about moving here being “the best mistake we ever made”.

Where the hell is the “best” part in this equation?

Well, it was Katy’s work that brought us back here, first of all. And she has thrived in the new position here. she’s grown. She’s excelled. She’s oriented herself to what she wants going forward. Though she might balk at me when I say it, it’s true: I’m fucking amazed by, and proud of, her and her accomplishments. She rocks all casbah, and the move here let her shine.

Myself, I zeroed in (A-ha ha ha) on the kind of work I want to be turning out, even after a lot of false starts. I realized I wanted to instruct as much as entertain. I gained access to things that would help with projects I had only fantasized about. Yeah, I walked away from anime voice-over, but in exchange I gained a lot of much needed drive to focus on the kind of work that engaged me.

I got through the most brutal period of my life psychologically, got help, and came out on the other side much stronger. I even kicked out the start of a new series of books on top of a mountain of other things I wish to craft for you guys and gals. Not too shabby.

Katy and I realized that there are a hell of a lot of ways to approach the total package of life, and what we really wanted out of a place we’d call home. And that’s what this really boils down to: the magical moment that comes in one’s life when they realize exactly what they want, and what they want their quality of life to be.

And that’s what we’re going after, scary though it may be. Houston sucked for us. Houston was awesome to us. But it’s not our city. For now, Mal can have H-town. I don’t think he minds. But he’s arguably crazy.

For us, Colorado is home.

When next I post here, that’s where we’ll be. Wish us luck, yeah?

Until next time, Horns Up.


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