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PIPS is gone, but not dead.

So, there’s no point in tip-toeing around it. Best to make like a band-aid, and pull it off quickly.

The PIPS RPG project is shelved in perpetuity.

Now, I know how this looks. I’m not tone-deaf to the timing. This looks like yet another ambitious thing on my part that went by the wayside. And, it is, but not in the way you might think. It’s time for some explanation and transparency.

PIPS is a passion project. I say “is”, because it’s shelved, not dead. But the truth of the matter is I woefully miscalculated the reaction of patrons going into it, and did not take into account the lull that would happen between content releases for their support. That’s on me.

But the flip side of that coin is simple economics. I do what I love for a living, yes, but I also have to play the mercenary and work primarily on what either pays, or what will drum up additional support. And that means timely content with quicker turn-arounds. It sounds pretty blunt, yeah, but that’s the dark half of this business.

Long story short, had I the budget, this would be a non-issue. But you could say that for any aspect of life, really. In truth, I gotta eat, and relying solely on the book sales every 6 months just isn’t a smart way to go about the whole keeping-a-roof-over-one’s-head quest. Right? Right.

But what does that mean for all the work I’ve already done on PIPS? Well, that brings us ’round to an announcement. You’ve now gained one point in your Segue stat by reading that sentence.

In August, alongside the weekly “radio” show I’ll be launching on Twitch, I will also be launching the weekly short story series! The first in the series is, as you might have guessed, PIPS. I just adore the concept of that gamer girl getting her hands on reality-altering dice too much to just leave it lie.

And that’s not all! There will be other series (Black Chords, anyone?), one-offs, and more. every week, there will be some new slice of short and sweet fiction for you to digest right here on the blog. And then? Later in the week will be the Twitch Stream where I share creative tips, writing exercises, geeky commentary, and help you out on whatever questions you have regarding your own creative work!

Now, what does that mean for the Patreon? Well, have a look. As you can see, I’ve already changed it up to reflect the shifting of content gears. You’ll also note that for right now I’ve only two tiers for supporters. More may come later, but for now I don’t want folks to feel like they have to pledge at a higher level to get something back.

Seriously. If all you can chip in is one dollar a month, that’s huge for me. It really does add up!

Between now and when all this stuff kicks off in August, I’ll be getting a lot of busy work done when we’re not packing more boxes. That does mean there will be a bit of a lull here on the blog, but it’s only for a short time.

If there are any topics you’d like me to tackle on the upcoming Twitch show, sound off below! I’m compiling a mighty list that’s already got a lot of fun entries.

And with all that said, it’s high time I get back to work.

Until next time, Horns Up.


“When the Man Comes Around” book one of the Nine Shot Sonata Series – available now!

Want to help keep this content flowing? Consider supporting my Patreon! You get stuff, and I get to keep eating. Win-win. 


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