News and New Things

So! Let’s kick things off with some news first and foremost.

This month’s live QnA will be on Friday, June 30th, at 7pm. Due to the snafu of connection issue I was having with Facebook’s live stream service, I’ve decided to move it on over to my Twitch channel. It’ll be just my voice, but I think I speak for most when I say that’s a mercy. You can check out my channel on Twitch right over here.

Next month will see us living in a tangled warren of cardboard and marker fumes as we prepare to move back home to Colorado. It’ll also see a potential decline here of content, but that’s a temporary situation. I’ll still be slinging things creatively, and Patrons will naturally get first crack at scoping out what I’ve got brewing before I release it to general audiences.

The audiobook version of my latest novel, When the Man Comes Around, will be getting put together after the move, and I’m shooting to have that up on Audible by mid September.

The next book in that series, The Sins of Allegiance, has no hard release date yet. However, I’m hoping to have that one knocked out by early 2018, if not sooner. I’ll be able to give you lovelies something more concrete once I get more of the book locked down.

I’ve been quiet on the PIPS project front mainly due to churning out commissions to help with our move. Next month, I will be laying into the tickets of the story bible for the game, and you might even see some flash fiction from that world begin to pop up here to entice newcomers into the strange tale of a gamer girl who finds herself gifted with a curious set of magical dice.

Lastly—and this ties in neatly to the first announcement—I wanted to float an idea I’ve been toying with to you all to gauge your reaction. I’ve already been polling the populous so to speak, and that was to get more things to cover in future articles here on the blog. That’s still going forward, so don’t fret.

But what if I could use Twitch to supplement it? Though it didn’t pan out, I genuinely liked the idea of using Twitch as a creative help tool when I did “Xero Should Be Writing”, and I’ve also missed the kind of content delivery I was doing with the podcast, and the old vlog. So, why not combine all four, in a way?

So, think blog articles delivered a la talk radio on Twitch, with the articles appearing au naturale on the blog shortly thereafter for the folks that just want the text. There would be music, potentially guest interviews, and above all my takes on geekery and creativity. There would also be a slot of time set aside to interact with the viewers, either just to chat, or to answer whatever pressing questions they have about their own projects.

So … whatcha think, friends? Would that be something you’d be interested in? It would be one episode a week to start, but who knows? As a working title I’m simply calling it “GXR” for Ground Xero Radio. That, as is the way of most things in the planning stages, will likely get renamed.

Sound off below. For now, I’ve got to get back to fashioning worlds and making more coffee.

Until next time, Horns Up.


“When the Man Comes Around” book one of the Nine Shot Sonata Series – available now!

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