Revving up the blog machine again…

Between prepping for the move and knocking out commission work, the blog has been on an unintentional hiatus. Mea culpa. But, I really would like it to start housing primo reads for you all again soon.
So, here’s some articles you can expect from me on the blog in the next few weeks, and then on a more concrete schedule after we get moved back home and settled in:
– Console RPGs effect on me as a storyteller
– Still more writing exercises
– Writing the scene as a character itself
– Balancing multiple projects
– The Yin and Yang of Self-publishing
– Archetypes vs. Tropes
– ???
See those question marks? That’s where you come in. If there’s anything in the vein of creativity or geekery that you’d like my take on, just sound off below. I’ll be compiling a new list to get new articles out to you all on a weekly basis.

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