Two Geeks, Many Cardboard Boxes

Well then! Lots of news in the pipeline. My vacation’s over, so it’s time to hop to. Dig in, if you will, and see what’s coming up for you fine folks.

First up, WE ARE GO FOR MOVING. We’ve got our new place in Colorado locked down, and now it’s simply a waiting/packing game until we make our cross-country trek back home. I would declare that this is where I assemble a fan version of Fort Kickass, but alas we need those boxes for putting things in.


Another time.

That being said, we could still use some help on the finances front, as this kind of move is always a pricey proposition. We’ve got a GoFundMe going if you’d like to throw some change our way to make things a bit easier on us. You can check that out here.

But as I’m never one to shirk from singing for my supper, I’ve also opened up a limited number of art commission slots for those that would like to help us out, but also get something nifty in return. Serious inquiries only, please. If you’re expecting cheap sketch pricing, then I’m not your guy.

pictured: Not cheap. Sorry.

In book news, after talking with Katy I’ve decided on a schedule rearrange for the next titles on the docket. The short story collection will be getting put aside for now so that I can try to keep momentum up with the release of When the Man Comes Around, and so I’ll be diving into work on the next book in that series.

I will also be digging in to rounding out the story bible on Pips, and now that I’ve managed to get my Cintiq into a working state I will also start cranking out art assets for the game. Patreon supporters will always get first look, and get the more conceptual stuff, but the rest of you will see it soon enough as well. I’m nice like that.

The monthly FB live chat is coming up! I’ll be doing the usual QnA and freeform video chat on my FB page on May 26th at 7pm central. If the date changes, I’ll be sure to announce it via the event page.

Lastly—and this is where audience participation is key—I am considering recording an audiobook version of my newest novel for distribution on platforms like Audible. If this is something you would be interested in, I really do need to hear from you. Not likes, not shares, bu actual words from you. If enough people are on board with this, I’ll get it done.

That’s about it for the news feed. I need to tuck in to this commission, and keep all the other juggled objects aloft.

Until next time, Horns Up.


“When the Man Comes Around” book one of the Nine Shot Sonata Series – available now!

Want to help keep this content flowing? Consider supporting my Patreon! You get stuff, and I get to keep eating. Win-win. 


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