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My New Novel is out! What now?

Remember that terrible moment of pre-release I mentioned in my last article? Yeah. We’re past that now. My new novel is officially out in the wild! Months of work, planning, fretting, and scrambling have culminated in the Release Day(tm) extravaganza. Hell, I even had one guy who tore through the digital version in one sitting. I mean, I read fast, but that’s crazy. But, the hard work of crafting it is done.


“So what now?” I hear.

Uh …


Well, firstly, I’m on my customary post-book week off. Let me amend that statement: I am attempting my customary post-book week off. I demonstrably SUCK at relaxing for long periods of time. My friends think it humorous. My wife finds it worrisome. And I’m sure there’s a cadre of doctorate students that would have a thesis field day with it.

How bad am I? You need not look further for evidence than the article you are currently reading. Katy would point out that I should be drinking coffee and playing Borderlands 2, yet here I am. Oops. I’ll get back to vacation once I finish this. Promise.

I give it two days before I start itching to back to work. We’ll see.

Beyond my week off—which again, I’m terrible at—and self-promotion for the book—which being honest, I’m only marginally better at—there comes the process of rolling out the other things I’ve already got in the queue.


Things like the story bible for my RPG; the short-story collection I want to put out by Autumn; the move across country back to Colorado. More. Always more.

Can’t stop. Shan’t stop. I get bonus points for every time someone twitches when I bust out the word “shan’t”. Oooh, there’s two points right now. Twenty points, and I get a free bowler hat.

On the move front, things are progressing. However, we’ve also put out the call for a bit of help in the form of a GoFundMe to help us with moving costs and a minor safety net. If you could chip in a buck or two, we would truly appreciate it!

I’ve also got a fair few more creative help articles waiting in the wings to dispense upon you all, so be on the look out for those coming up. You know, when I’m not spinning other plates.

But for now, attempted vacation.

Until next time, Horns Up.

“When the Man Comes Around” – available now!

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