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State of the Xero, March 2017

Been a bit since I covered some news tidbits about what I’ve been working on, so this post is going to serve double duty. How? Because some of this news relates to things I want to hear from YOU on. Yes, you, on the other side of this techno-magic screen. I need your feedback on these projects going forward, if you would be so kind. Why? Because I like you. You’re all right, kid. First, some straight news:

When the Man Comes Around, book 1 of the Nine Shot Sonata series

I’m down to writing and polishing the last ten chapters of this new novel. I’m still aiming for a May release, but it will be tight, and subject to the prep work we have to do for our upcoming interstate move. But hey, there’s light at the end of this tunnel, and I can verify that it is not just an oncoming train! Feel free to toss confetti at your leisure.

World-building series

The final two articles of the series will BOTH be going up next week. Hope people have enjoyed them thus far! I’ve already put together a page for the entire series right ovah hyeah.

Facebook Live QnA video chat

My end-of-month QnA and general chat will be going live Friday at 7pm central on my facebook page. So come on over, and enjoy the stream-of-conciousness geeking out. I’ll be sharing some more news and whatnot, so there’s something for (almost) everyone.

And now, let’s get on with the news that I need to hear from you about.

The Patreon

First off on this topic, let me just say this: THANK YOU. The support has been amazing, and you guys and gals have absolutely earned your place on the Wall of Awesome both online, and in my heart. It’s a huge thing to be able to be able to start paying bills doing what I love, and you’ve absolutely helped with that.

But, you may notice that the Patreon goals seem to be in flux. That’s on me. See, when I started the Patreon campaign, I could not in good conscience base it solely off my work turning out new books. I know some authors do so, but I couldn’t bring myself to say “Hey, pay five bucks a month while you wait for my next book, yeah?”. Or, rather, I could not envision a scenario where people would be okay with that.

At the time I had been running a vlog, and the Patreon was aimed at this. Once the vlog ended, it switched gears to other projects I could work on in my spare time to actively provide entertaining content for people, and hopefully attract new patrons. So far, so good.

The reason the goals are in flux are related to two topics below, but for now let me just say that it’s due to me trying to finesse things not only to promote incentive for patrons to contribute, but also to give them something of value to contribute to in the first place. Simply put, I don’t expect free money. I’m a guy who willingly sings for his supper.

But, what I would like to hear from those of you who have, have not, or are on the fence about becoming a patron is: What would YOU like to see in terms of rewards, goals, etc?

The AoE … or The Vlog?

Let’s face facts here: a podcast that only airs once every two weeks isn’t exactly destined for groundswell. Most podcasts air at least once a week. I bring this up because that was one of the goals on the Patreon, but it’s run into the catch-22 scenario. The podcast is meant to attract support, but to get that support it needs to be at a frequency that is already marked by a support goal.

Now, after talking with my wife about it, I wanted to talk to you, the listener (hopefully) of the show. Would you like the podcast to increase to once a week? As it stands, the hands-off nature of the internet means that I don’t already have the … I guess the most sanitary way to phrase it is “relevant data” to go ahead and make the call myself.

If so, there comes the matter of content for those weeks when there’s not a guest. I dig the new format with the casual interview with professional creatives, but inevitably there’ll just be a point where there’s an empty spot in the guest bullpen. I’ve considered bringing on guest commentators for geeky news during those particular shows. But it’s a work in progress until I hear from you lovelies.

Then, there’s the possibility of bringing back the vlog instead, since a few have asked. I’m open to the idea but, again, I need to hear from YOU. The vlog was canceled initially simply due to a lack of feedback. Hard to spend the time required to make a show when you have no idea if it’s something people are into, as it were. The Vlog would change gears a bit to incorporate elements from the podcast, and it’s just a fact of our quirky nature that we dig on videos with actual video rather than just pure audio.

Thoughts? Let me know. Your opinion really does help shape things up.

Xero Should Be Writing

This one kicked off as a suggestion from a friend who had spoken with a Twitch community manager, and I still think it’s a fun experiment. “Twitch Writes”. The problem here is I’m still feeling out the show’s format, and Twitch is hinged on consistent streaming. Once a week is easy, but is it enough? Folks seem to have fun with the idea of helping write strange stories, and I’m more than happy to provide! But how to build it going forward?

I’ll be frank: it’s such a weird concept that I find myself a bit off the edge of the map. So it’s difficult to know what to try or what people will respond to going forward, or honestly, if it’s more than just a one-off experiment.

You guessed it: this is where you come in. Do you dig the concept? Is once a week enough? Or is the energy best spent elsewhere? Sound off, por favor.

And that about does it for this news roundup. I’m getting back to work keeping these plates spinning. Thanks in advance for taking the time to get back to me! It really does help a great deal. After all, my main goal remains the same: entertaining you. Knowing more about what you dig on gives those efforts polish. Word? Word.

Until next time, Horns Up.


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