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Dual Perspective

Hey All! I wanted to thank you guys and gals for checking out the blog, and particularly the World-Building series I’ve been posting. There was a hiccup recently in the workflow, so part 8 will be up next week. I’d also like to thank those of you who checked out the Lucio remix I did as this month’s gift to my Patreon supporters. You can expect more of that in the months ahead, though not always in that genre.

But rather than leave you all hanging, I wanted to drop another fun writing exercise for you to take a test-drive with. It’s another variable type, meaning you can take as long or as little time on it as you see fit. The point here is to simply explore the idea. Y’know, have fun. Have FUN, damn you!



Moving on, I call this one Dual Perspective. The premise is pretty simple: write a story involving two characters interacting, from the limited POV of one of those characters. I say limited insofar as the character in question isn’t some omniscient narrator, and therefore can only comment and assume based on their view of the situation.

Once done, flip the perspective, and write the same story again from the POV of the other character. The exact same circumstances, dialogue, and action. Only the perspective has changed.

Yeah, it’s obviously a great way to play with a character study, but it can also be a sandbox to play around with the idea of critical thinking, and the idea of witness bias. What might be a simple matter of misunderstanding to character A might in fact be sincerity from B, and so on. You can also freely play around with tone, word choice, and pacing with each character’s narration choices and internal dialogue as they take in the scenario. Play with the differences of backgrounds and quirks each brings to the scene.

These can be vignettes, or something a bit more fleshed out. It’s entirely up to you. The goal here, as with any writing exercise, is to get you thinking about your approach. No mistakes, no final grade. No pressure, playa.

That’s all from me for now. I’ve got a novel to flesh out.
Until next time, Horns Up.


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