To those worried about the 4 years to come-

To those worried about the 4 years to come-
I’m not rich by any stretch of the imagination.
My influence, such as it is, is not the stuff of shares,
nor am I counted among the great luminaries of any time.
I am not a noteworthy figure on the public stage.
I am not what’s hot, trending, en vogue or on point.
My reach in the grand schemata of all realities extends only as far as those who know me, or know of me.
Realistically, I am powerless, save for one crucial distinction:
My words.
My words are my lifeblood.
My words are my career.
My words are, in earnest, what I hold most dear.
Because my words are me.
To the frightened, the worried; to the despondent and future-phobic; to my friends and loved ones and loved ones I’ve yet to meet who are afraid of the world after tomorrow:
All I have are my words. They are my sword and shield simultaneously.
And they are yours, whenever you’ve need of them.
I love you, and I will pour out my words, if ever you are afraid to use your own.

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