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A brief pause.

Hey all! You might be wondering where more parts of my World-Building series are lurking. Fear not. They are on their way. I needed to take a step back leading up to Christmas to put the finishing touches on my wife’s musical present. You’ll be able to hear the results soon, and Patreon supporters will get first crack at snagging it.

Hint: It’s a cover of The Last Unicorn.
Hint 2: I am terrible at hints.

You can expect more entries of the world-Building series later on this week, and throughout the close of 2016.

I’ll also be completing the EBook version of The Lexicon Calopa next week, and you can expect that to pop up on Smashwords shortly thereafter. However, if you like the tangible qualities of old-school dead tree slices (I know I do), then you can pick it up in hardcover over at Lulu. I’ll likely put together a paperback version of the tome in Spring next year.

Speaking of 2017, here’s a small sampling of the projects I’ve got lined up:

When the Man Comes Around – book 1 of the Nine Shot Sonata series will be completed, and published (hopefully) by Spring.

“Black Chords”, my Cthulhu mythos-meets-film-noir audio drama will be launching. I’m pretty stoked about this little slice of radio play, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the end product.

The Shattered Clock – book 2 of the Archetype Trilogy. This one is LONG overdue, and in 2017 I’ll be continuing the tale of the crew of the Silverhearth, and the fractured state of the Steampunk-fantasy world of Calopa.

Harrington’s Home for Orphaned Lore – This one is a maybe for 2017, only because of the amount of illustration involved in this short story collection. But I’m going ahead and listing it here since it’s on the project list for 2017 as is. I’ll keep you posted.

Whew. I’m going to be crazy busy.

Small aside: GO SEE ROGUE ONE. I require more people to geek out over the minutiae of it with. It is your civic duty.



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