Horror · Short Story

Diary Entry 2


(part 2 of an ongoing serial for your Holiday needs. – Xero)


Not how I wanted to see them off to Sheila’s parents for the week. I’m going to have to make it up to her and the kids. But I think I’ve a right to be a little angry, right? Right.

There’s no owner’s manual for parenthood.

It started Saturday. I don’t know who did it, and no one is owning up to it, but that damned thing ended up on my pillow. I woke up to that elf staring at me no more than six inches away from my face. I don’t care who you are, that’s the kind of thing that will wreck your whole morning. I thought Sheila was going to fall out of bed from how my scream woke her. But was she really asleep? I love her, but sometimes she can play a joke with the best of them, and keep a devil-worthy straight face about it.

She swore it wasn’t her. After she stopped laughing about it, then she started getting angry. I guess in hindsight I really did overreact. But when we asked the kids about it, neither Jonas or Kelly would fess up. So, I got to be the asshole parent about it. I hate that. I really do. But I hate being lied to more.

So, allowance for the week pulled, video game privileges for the weekend revoked. Sheila suggested that was a bit too much, and gave me the cold shoulder when I asked her again if it was her doing. All aboard the shame train for the guilt trip, next stop, The Dog House.

Then Sunday, nothing. I mean nothing. No elf spotting by the kids. I guess Sheila put the thing away as a kind of olive branch, but who can say? I didn’t push the subject. It was all about helping them all pack to go visit the grandparents for a week since her folks are planning another trip out to spend Christmas in the Caribbean. Lucky them. Pretty sure the elves sold there are at least more silly with grass skirts and the like.

I’m mad, but my heart says otherwise. I’m just going to miss them.

Week to myself to get this project out the door before the kids get back. I’ll make it up to them. It was just a harmless prank.



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