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Diary Entry 1

(part 1 of an ongoing serial for your Holiday needs. – Xero)


Well, the kids certainly like it, but to me the whole tradition is a bit creepy. I mean, they could have chosen a less … unnerving expression for the elf, right? I’m seriously considering just making my own next year. Would give me a good excuse to dust off some of the tools in the garage, anyway. Might even finally find a use for that whittling kit Josephine obviously re-gifted last year.

Who gives that? Moreover, who re-gives that? Honestly.

But anyway, the kids like it. Sheila’s already moved it a couple of times since we brought it out at the end of last month. It’s almost a game for the kids to find where the elf ends up next the following morning. They’ll come running in to our bedroom, screaming that it moved in the middle of the night, and wasn’t that just awesome? Sure thing, kids. I’ve left elf-on-the-shelf duties to Sheila. It’s her bag, clearly. I’m just not into that particular aspect of the holidays, you know?

Friggin’ creepy.

Today we’ll be putting up the lights, once I can untangle that mess and get them free from the clutter in the attic. I’ll probably spend the weekend getting that in order. When did we turn into such pack-rats?



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