Update on The Lexicon Calopa

Heya all! I’m pleased to announce that The Lexicon Calopa is ready to go for its December 1st unveiling in print format, just in time for the Holidays! Here’s some info for ya to whet your appetites while you wait:


The Lexicon Calopa
by Xero Reynolds

“The Ultimate introduction to the steampunk-fantasy world of Calopa”

This collection includes:

  • A revised edition of “The Rhyme of the Golden Aegis”, book 1 of The Archetype Trilogy.
  • A revised edition of “Tales of Calopa: Tuning the Orchestra”.
  • A revised edition of “Tales of Calopa: The Fahlworth Papers” with a new narrative thread.
  • A revised edition of the short tale, “The Lost Tragedy of Jacob Hadrick”, not seen in print since 2013.
  • A brand new short story, “Chronometry”.
  • A Glossary of Terms and Characters.
    The Timeline of Historical Events on Calopa.
  • And ten new internal story-specific maps illustrated by the Author.

6×9 Hardcover
Glossy dust-cover wrap.
574 pages

It will be first available through, with an EBook version to follow in January.

Additional interior images:


And More!

This bad boy was a work of love for fans of the world, and will hopefully pull in new readers into this oddity that sprung from my head way back in 2012.

For now though, I’ve earned a wee bit of vacation, so I’m off to get to it. I hope to see you all back here on Thursday for the official release!


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