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News, and Lexicon Calopa excerpt #3

To those embarking upon the challenge of NaNoWriMo: I salute you. Let this be your catalyst for continuing your writing journey.

Woof. What a birthday weekend for my wife. We’re still catching up on sleep amidst a whirlwind of geekery, AC problems, furniture building, and a determined cat that feels the need to dictate how long we actually get to sleep for.

Cider, if you are reading this, I love you. However, you’re still a fucking fuzzy jerk for waking us up so bloody early.

Blizzcon Houston (which is what we called the two days of Lan party whilst streaming Blizzcon live and indulging in all things WoW at our friend’s house) was an unmitigated success. I’m sincerely looking forward to the bold concept of an official Overwatch League, as evidenced by some of my live-tweeting of the Overwatch World Cup final matches. I suppose that’s what it feels like to be a sports fan. Not bad.

Once more with gusto, if I’ve not made myself clear already, GO SEE DOCTOR STRANGE. Seriously. Do it. The Xero hath spoken.

This week, I finish up the final short story for the Lexicon Calopa collection—Chronometry in story format—and then get started on the new internal maps that will go along with the various stories—TEN in all, potentially more. Woof—so it’s fair to say that my week is going to be pretty swamped. It’s exciting to be closing in on completing this massive collection, particularly since it was born of such a humble idea: “Hey. You guys and gals want these stories together?”

And then it was off to the races, and ideas piled upon ideas, stretching the to-do list longer and longer with each new thought. That’s just how it goes sometimes. Worth it. But in any case, I should return to that particular list, and continue ticking off items. I’ll leave you today with an excerpt from the Glossary of Terms and Characters section of the collection, to tickle your needs for fictional errata.

The Glossary of Terms and Characters in Calopa

Mechanology (mek-ah-NAWL-oh-jee) : A scientific field of study born out of the earliest days of airship construction during the twilight of the Vizier Empire. Mechanology covers manufacture engineering, architecture, automata, pneumatic application, aerodynamics, electrical engineering, basic metallurgy, and chemistry. It is said that the science of Mechanology is the driving force behind modern day Calopa.

The Midlands : Also know as Sha Gceartláe’lun, this centrally-located group of nations constitutes the largest contiguous land mass on Calopa, and is therefore often referred to by three distinctions. There are the “Western Midlands”, consisting of Bazjani, Chanlaroi, Selti, Corval and Ayr—though Ayr is not a part of the continuous landmass—the “Central Midlands”, consiting of Aehnoch, Maetho’ir, Atha’ir, and Khelb, and the “Eastern Midlands”, consisting of Baelaturre and Tovrir,

Muirclanon, Gabriella (myur-clan-ON, gab-ree-EL-ah) : Known simply as “Cookie” to the rest of the crew of the Silverhearth, Gabriella is a short, slightly plump woman who went prematurely gray. Her features are soft, and friendly, but she can be a terror when her kitchen is concerned. She is a rarity insofar that she’s a cook on a merchant-landed ship, which is a position most often held by men. The crew knows to step lightly in her domain, as her skills with a knife speak of a violent past that she keeps guarded.

Nacelle (neh-SELL) : the configuration, both aerodynamic housing and engine, that can be found fitted onto larger aerostats to provide additional thrust and maneuverability.

The Northlands : A contentions group of nation-states in the north consisting of Gävlifell, Naertäljefell, Arvikofell, Mosbaerfell, Skoerafell, Yslövfell, and though they would claim otherwise, Éuiryn. Legend says that the Northlands were once one great nation, ages ago, under a benevolent king. But whatever cataclysm that created the Talmarind Ocean—also called “The Grave of the Big Sister”—shattered the landmass and people, leading to the perpetual state of fighting that has been adopted as a way of life in the Northlands to date.

Occham Class (AWK-uhm) : A classification of sea-faring named after the original ship, the AAV Occham, SSD. This unique corvette boasted the largest cargo capacity of its kind, and was quickly adopted into the maintenance and support fleet of the Azure Admiralty. Later, a Gull-Class variant of the design was introduced, leading to the Occham-Gull classification. This breed of vessel has since fallen out of favor with the Azure Admiralty, and has been phased out of service. (See also: Gull Class, The Silverhearth)

One-God : The name for the deity of the Seltish monotheistic religion. Though often referred to by male pronouns, in truth the Seltish believe this deity to be sexless, and a representative amalgamation of the myriad Gods, Goddesses, and Spirits worshiped across Calopa.

The Outworks : An uninhabited stretch of desert, mountains, swamp, and arid coast in the northern part of the Western Midlands. The nature of The Outworks is such that between the inhospitable land, detritus left be previous attempts to settle it, and the pollution byproducts of Calopa’s Industrial revolution, no permanent settlement has ever been successfully created there. It is often jokingly referred to as “The Land that Creation Mishandled”.

Pigeon (pih-JUHN) : A derogatory term for both active members of the Azure Admiralty, and civilians that have accepted citizenship aboard their skyholds.


Until next time, Horns Up.

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