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Lexicon Calopa Excerpt #1

Happy Halloween, everyone! Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be doing things a bit differently. I’m in the thick of the final touches for the interior content for the upcoming Lexicon Calopa collection, and I still need to whip up some extras for November’s Patreon supporters. So, with that in mind, instead of new full articles here, I’ll be sharing excerpts from the collection to whet your appetites.

Today’s pick is from the Tales of Calopa: The Fahlworth Papers section of the Lexicon Calopa. Enjoy!

Item 067-FA

Type: Tonal Resonance Record via Phonic Register Device (1 playable record)
Nature: Vocal Journal
Subject recorded: J. Fahlworth

-transcription enclosed-

*playback begins*

Fahlworth: “Let it not be said that I did not try my best, and with the best of intentions. Yet, here we are, and here I am standing to profit from it, even if it all goes awry.

“The Admiralty recently gained the legal right to secure some of Absalohm’s research, citing contractual agreements the young man made with them during the first stages of our commissioned work. Certainly, the University tried to object, but even in these times of miracles, a contract is still a contract.

“And yes-“

*pause in recording*

Fahlworth: “Yes, I certainly needed the funding, and was keenly and intimately familiar with Absalohm’s work, even the more frightening aspects of it that I had discovered. So I offered myself as technical advisor to help with the production and testing aspects. At the very least I got the Admiralty brass to agree to the energy resource aspect being the primary focus. Still, the weapons that will be created are terrifying. The projections Absalohm noted in the planning are clear, though sadly not enough to dissuade others from going forward.

“All assurances have been made that such weapons, if developed, fall squarely into the last resort category, but who can say what qualifies?”

*pause in recording*

Fahlworth: “But so what? Yes, I drink! But no more than some of the other high-minded sycophants that labor to catch the Admiralty’s eye, and by extension their coin. The utter nerve- mm- Another, I think.”

*pause in recording*

Fahlworth: “But the test tomorrow will prove that the theorish- theoriesh- *cough* the thee-oh-rees are shound. I refushe- blast it- refuse! I refuse to believe that the Admiralty’s bent on using these things, or that the world’s ash broken ash people shay it is…”

*Fahlworth drinks for some time. There is two minutes of snoring before playback ends*


Until next time, Horns Up.

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