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Ghosts Get All the Fun

Morning all. Coffee is working its loving chemistry on my brain bits, so let’s dive right in.

I’ve been spinning many plates recently, and that’s to get things locked down before the holiday season really gets into full swing. One of these things just so happens to be the new wallpaper I plan to crank out for Patreon supporters this month. I’ve put out the call to one and all to see what they would like me to create for this month’s offering, and so I put it to you as well.


What would you like to see for October’s wallpaper? Let me know in the comments below.

More coffee. Stand by.

1212Obey the squirrel.

That’s better. I’ll be wrapping up the edit and polish on Rhyme this week, and then it’s on to the two novellas included in the Lexicon Calopa collection, and then on to drawing up the new maps and designing a new cover for the entire affair. It’ll be a beefy volume. I’m hoping to work it out so the hardcover print edition doesn’t end up breaking your bank.

No one likes a broken bank at the holidays, right? See? I’m looking out for you. Or just looking at you. Pay no attention to that soft rapping at the window. I’m simply practicing my Morse Code. It’s a hobby, I swear.

joey-is-watching-you-o.gifShhhhh. Everything is fine. I’m here, now.

In any case, here’s my offering from the Writober Challenge for today, and it’s based on the French legend of the Dames Blanches. Enjoy!


An Ivory Waltz

On a small bridge near a small hamlet there stood a small girl with a small request.

“Dance with me,” she would ask.

Under the white moon, amid white snow, in a white dress you’ll find her and her white lie task.

“Dance with me,” she’ll request.

Under dun skies before the dun woods and over dun waters she’ll gaze with dun eyes.

“Dance with me,” she’ll entice.

And beneath pale stars on pale stone with pale locks she’ll beckon with a pale hand.

“Dance with me,” she’ll warn.

And in that narrow passage on that narrow bridge over the narrow river, only the narrow-minded deny her.

“Scream for me,” she’ll laugh.


That’s all from me for now. I’ll see you on Friday.
Until next time, Horns Up.


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