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One falls, others rise.

No easy way to say it, so I’ll just say it: The Vlog, for now, is dead.

Mind, that’s “for now”, because who knows what the future holds? But realistically, we can go ahead and carve that epitaph. While some of you chimed in, the larger consensus was that while a few folks liked it, it just didn’t have the groundswell necessary to condone the expense of time and money it took to make it.

So what does that mean for the Patreon campaign? Well, not much, aside from potentially losing people who chipped in just for the Vlog. The Patreon campaign is for all my work, and always has been. I’m going to take that time and money that went toward the vlog and reinvest it into said other work.

For instance, your support will soon go to what I need to create a new album of music. The extra time will let me get out certain book projects faster. It’ll give me breathing room on some fun illustration and photomanipulation ideas. It will make getting extras like wallpapers up for supporters that much easier. One project dies, and kind of like the Jet Li characters in The One, the rest get stronger.

That was a horrible analogy. I guess I just want to watch that movie again.

And, where there were topics for the Vlog, they’ll now just be smaller articles for the blog. Those don’t take nearly the effort for the response. In terms of risk and reward, it’s almost zero sum. That’s one of the unfortunate calculations that any freelancer has to make.

So, to those of you who were only supporting my Patreon for the Vlog, or those that genuinely enjoyed it, you have my sincere apologies. At least it won’t be said that I didn’t try to make it something worthwhile. And it certainly doesn’t mean I will not be making any videos whatsoever. The Xero Sums or other comedy and music vids are proof enough of that.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the rest of what I create for you, because it’s born of love and more than a bit of whimsical madness.

Until next time, Horns Up.


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