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News, and Vlog season 2

Got some important news tidbits for you all (all brave and noble inmates of this dear asylum), and it’s in regards to upcoming content. So, if you like said content—and I’m assuming you do, if you’re reading this—then you’ll want to pay attention.

14079801_10157554341080314_8842461216382102187_nBehold the face of the once and future Coffee King.

To start, I should explain the background to this schedule change. My wife went to the doctor recently, and (without going into personal details) was told that she needs to be free of nicotine intake for at least three months before she can begin using a medication that would help her out. I, trying to be supportive, am opting in to quitting alongside her.

We quit traditional smoking in favor of vaping a long while back, and have already been stepping down our intake. But this latest revelation provokes a full stop measure, if you will. Why do I bring this up?

Because, as anyone that has quit nicotine can tell you, it’s the kind of cheapass final boss that forces you to pay full attention to its tactics. And that means adjusting the workflow to make sure I’m successful for Katy’s sake. Of the two of us in this scenario, she is very much the tank, and I the scrappy glass cannon that can get one-shot if I don’t bring my A game. Huge DKP minus.

Whee. Gaming metaphors make everything better. anyone that tells you differently is a source of cynicism best cut loose from your life.

In any case, that means I’m not going to be working on the vlog for a bit. The process of recording and editing these videos is simply a bit more stressful than I’d like to encumber myself with while off nicotine, at least for the first two weeks.

But fear not. I’m not leaving you empty handed.

During the vlog downtime, I’ll be posting two new articles a week here at the blog for your pleasure, as well as giving some extra stuff to my Patreon supporters. But that’s not all!

Though it’s a bit early for it, I think it’s time for a “Season 2” of the Ground Xero Vlog. I’ll be working on a new opener, tweaked format, and other fun things once I turn my Adobe Cloud subscription back on. (Thanks, Patreon supporters!)

So, I will still be working. Trust me on that. Laying idly isn’t something I’m capable of with this much nitro-fueled whimsy stuck in my braincase. You can expect an article this Friday for your eye-parts to consume. Unless you fancy braille. Then you will feel the majesty, instead.

Until then, you awesome and classically attractive people, horns up.

Want to help keep this content flowing? Consider supporting my Patreon! You get stuff, and I get to keep eating. Win-win.



















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