Captain America

Earlier today, on the heels of the Marvel announcement concerning Cap’s turn as a Hydra operative, I wrote this:

“Marvel Comics to reveal Captain America is a Hydra Agent.
In other news, Marvel yet to learn what “Creatively Bankrupt” means.”

Well, a few hours later, and the pendulum that is the court of internet opinion swung back, or rather went to backbiting.

And here comes the inevitable backlash to the social media backlash concerning Captain America.

For my part, let me just say this: I stand by my commentary. I do not care what the reason, plan, structure, or overarching narrative is. I’m calling it as I see it.

I’m a writer. I enjoy writing and reading and all the adherent processes and tricky prose gymnastics involved in story crafting. It’s my passion, my career, and about as close to true loving worship as I’m likely to get beyond my relationship with my wife.

So, when I see something writing-related that is ostensibly lazy, half-hearted, or heavy handed in tale telling, any cries of “this is the reaction they wanted” or pleas to the cynicism commonality will be brushed off by me as a matter of course. We know. We get it. We understand it.

And that is a call to silence said critique because . . .? That’s what I figured.

The idea is hackneyed, particularly given that it’s telegraphing a turnaround back to status quo so hard that they might as well have included it in the press release. The underpinnings of the idea are as weak as a pre-Katrina levee.

And because—not in spite of—we know the impetus is to kick off a new arc with a “shock”, the game’s not only already given away, it’s insulting us while desperately wanting to be clever.

In terms of branding, there’s entire college courses dedicated to why this is a monumentally myopic choice to introduce what will largely be an ineffectual and inconsequential narrative thread.

So. Yes. Feel free to sneer at the interplay. We all know how these things pan out. In the interim, I’ll keep calling bullshit when I see bullshit. Not only for my own benefit, but just on the off chance someone else out there decides to stop, think, digest, and choose to do BETTER with their own work in the same way I constantly strive to do with my own.



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