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“The Bar” Writing Exercise

“The Bar” Writing Exercise – simple format

The whole point of The Bar is to figure out the quirks and traits of your character on a deeper level. To do that, you drop them in a scenario in a bar, and answer questions about them, their reactions, and how those come about.

Your character walks into a bar!

  1. Where does your character choose to sit? Why?
  2. What does your character order to drink? Why?
  3. What does your character eat? Why?
  4. What music would they pick on the jukebox if any? Why?

That’s the most basic rough and tumble approach. Beyond that, you can start crafting scenarios to put your character in for that scene. Here’s the basic format:

YOUR CHARACTER is approached by (INSERT PERSON) because of/for (INSERT REASON).

How do they react? What circumstances or background events cause them to react that way? What’s their internal thought process at a given moment as the scenario unfolds?

Remember, this is the most basic version of The Bar, but it’s still solid enough to get really complex if you choose to. Happy character crafting, and word-hunting! Kick some ass while I get back to work, won’t you? Sweet.


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