On to future things, a departure from voice over

Cross-posting here since I don’t expect folks to track down the original FB post:

Hey all, this is just a note so I can clear the air in light of a recent decision I made with my wife. First, let’s just get that announcement out of the way:

As of now, I am no longer pursuing work in the anime industry as a voice actor.

Now, before folks wonder, I’m fine. There’s no drama involved here. No politics or backbiting or any bullshit in that vein. I’m also fairly comfortable with the decision. Yeah, I’ll miss it, but one does what one needs to for themselves, and I need to do this.

To be frank, at this time last year I had thought myself done. The Houston move was still ephemeral, and even when it happened I had no concrete plans to attempt to get back into it. I told friends as much. But once we were back, i was convinced to go after it again. I did. I got a few small roles, and a few paychecks. But that small amount of work made me come to a realization.

The amount of work I could get was very minuscule, and left me more often than not, even after getting on medication, depressed. The blatant truth of the matter is I’m just not a-material enough to land consistent work. It’s not a knock against me, as I know I can pull it off. I started back in 2003-ish, and landed a lot of stuff I’m fucking ridiculously proud of.
But these days, for whatever reason, it just wasn’t panning out.

The problem at its core was one of confidence. When months pass between call-ins, you’ve got nothing but your own view of the situation, and we creative types are our own worst enemies in this department. Unfortunately, I’d find myself too often questioning the validity of calling myself a voice actor when I wasn’t getting work to begin with.

Stupid? Yes. Human? Undoubtedly. Healthy? Fuck no. And worse still, there were days it put me off whatever else I was working on.

These days, I’ve got a vlog, a short story serial on my site, new novels and collections I need to finish, and a world of other ideas just rattling around in my head. The last thing I need, or want, is to sit here wondering “why” in regards to one career if it makes my other career suffer.

Moreover, it’s not fair to the studio. I think it’s fairly obvious at this point that Katy and I plan to move back to Colorado in a year and change. It’s not fair to actively pursue something on the off chance I may get more work, particularly if I’m going to be gone before much time passes.

For my part, I subscribe to not being very good, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s not self-depreciation, honestly. We can’t all be fantastic at everything. I was decent. I knew my shit. But great? Nah. And that’s cool.

That also means that I’m not ruling it out all together, just for the anime industry. You have to live where the work is, and there’s no dub studios rocking stuff by way of Japan in Colorado. Though, if there ever is, I’d dig that.

Long story short: I am proud of what I did. I set my sights on it in my early twenties. I got in. I did work. I worked with absolutely fucking AMAZING people. I loved every challenging or triumphant minute of it, and I wouldn’t trade that time for the world.

But, like the man said: nothing lasts forever. So thanks to everyone in the industry that I met or made entertainment with during my stay. Yours is a strange planet, but it’s my kind of strange. I’ve got the pictures to prove it, and that’s good enough for me. ❤


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