Gear Shifting

Good morning, fellow sinners. Just a few things of note going into the week that I want to tackle.


Deadpool. Go see it. Yes. You. Do it.

Okay, so that’s done with. Now to the meat of today’s post, which will be pretty short for reasons I’m about to explain. Patience, padawan. It also has to do with the absence of last Friday’s SSS.

So, I’ve got a fair bit on my plate, and can only chew so quickly. I’m currently working on the new novel, and am about to be rolling in work on the short-story collection, which will also feature illustrations. I’m hoping to get this one out asap as a self-published digital and physical book.

With all that said, I need to shift gears. For the time being, this blog will only update every other week, alternating between articles and entries in the SSS story line. There will be a bit more substance to them to make up for the timeframe, but the honest truth of the matter is that I’m gleaning additional time that the larger projects sorely need.

I certainly hope you understand, and keep reading. In the meantime, horns up.


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