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This isn’t goodbye. It’s just the next turning.

Whew. Well, this is kind of a big one, so there’s no point in beating around the bush. As of today, I’m no longer actively pursuing writing as a career. Okay, let me amend that statement: I’m no longer pursuing writing speculative fiction novels as my main source of income. I’ll try to keep it… Continue reading This isn’t goodbye. It’s just the next turning.

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Writing for Tabletop Gaming

(Author’s note: This is an abridged version of my hour long “Writing for Tabletop” panel that I give at conventions. I’m mainly focusing on my core tenets for how I approach it. Also, may the 4th be with you!) Storytelling, no matter who is slinging the narrative, has a shared toolbox to take fleeting concepts… Continue reading Writing for Tabletop Gaming

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Growing Stories, Salvaging Ideas

I adore creative project documentaries. You know the ones. They’re the “making of” documentaries. Games, movies, comics, the works. I love seeing the process, and hearing the anecdotes from these talented powerhouses as they walk us through the landscape that separates their initial concept and the finished product. Over the years, just taking the time… Continue reading Growing Stories, Salvaging Ideas

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Black Chords Teaser, and what comes next

Hopefully by now you’re taken some time to give the Teaser for Black Chords a listen. If you haven’t it’s right over here. Thanks again to the lovely Jessica Calvello for lending her talent to the debut! But I’ve been getting some questions about the project, and I decided to go ahead and whip up… Continue reading Black Chords Teaser, and what comes next